"Harpistically Yours, Chopin"

"Such is the beauty of this music that here is a record to absolutely die for…" Raul da Gama - World Music Report

Frédéric Chopin’s music is closely associated with the piano and as a matter of fact most of his music is written for this instrument. French harpist Coline-Marie Orliac did not want to miss playing Chopin’s inspiring music and took the audacious task to transcribe it for harp. Among Chopin’s signature works is her arrangement of the Ballade op. 23 No. 1, displaying to the listener her breathtaking virtuosity while always adding a fresh and more transparent sound to Chopin’s music.

The album contains also seven songs by Frédéric Chopin wonderfully interpreted by the Ukranian-Polish soprano Olga Pasichnyk.


Coline-Marie Orliac on why she decided to record Chopin on the harp: “To most of us, Chopin’s music will always remain the pinnacle of contemplation, introspection & intimacy - an intimacy that I sometimes find difficult to discern on today’s imposing pianos. The harp, however, is the salon instrument that can offer its listener a mystical palette of emotions and that is why I decided to make this album.”


“Harpistically Yours, Chopin” is the eighth album released on the HELLO STAGE label since its start in 2017.

"Harpistically Yours, Chopin"

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